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Uganda Calls

I can’t get Uganda out of my mind. August 10 is drawing closer and the team is meeting regularly (here’s a plug for I am working on fulfilling my writing commitments to fund 50% of my portion of the trip. We’re all praying and seeking the Lord’s guidance on who/what/where/when/how to answer the call from Uganda, and trusting that He will make the way clear. We understand that there is personal cost involved, and we want to be where He wants us to be, doing what He wants us to do.

Personally, I have been reexamining whether this is Debbie’s great idea or if this is God’s call. My prayer has become,

Lord, I want to be where You want me to be on August 10. If that is on a plane to Uganda, I want to be there. If that is here in the USA, I want to be here. If this is a crisis of faith, one in which I need to dig in and tenaciously follow You, giving it my all, I want to do that. If this is somehow not Your call, then raise up the people whom You are calling. But if this is Your call for me to be personally involved, give me not only the perseverance and faith to follow You and the willingness to sacrifice to make this come to pass, but raise up the people to support me (and all of us) so that we can go. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

In the midst of praying this prayer, I have been strengthened and encouraged and equipped to focus on the things that I can do to make this become a reality: writing, planning, praying, preparing myself for the challenges that will come in Uganda. As our team leaders have said, we are living a “fishes and loaves” story, knowing that God will need to take our small offerings (spiritual, physical and financial) and multiply them so that He gets the glory.

I guess, maybe it isn’t that Uganda calling, but God calling, after all. And when God calls, I want to say, “Here am I, send me.”Image

Meeting Needs

Please pray for wisdom for us regarding the upcoming trip to Uganda. The need is great; the letters from Uganda asking us to come are compelling. It doesn’t seem right to ignore their pleas for leadership training and encouragement when we have so much available to us here in the US. Especially, the need in northern Uganda seems overwhelming. This is where the people are so impoverished and have been misused by others physically, mentally and emotionally. To meet the need, we need God’s financial provision, along with God’s calling, anointing, and timing.

Here is a link to a preliminary video that Tabitha Kyambadde, the head of African Mission Outreach, is putting together to communicate about the need. It is just a rough draft, but the pictures say more than my simple words can communicate.

Tabitha is the Ugandan woman who first invited Lead Like Jesus to come to Uganda last year. She has great faith that Jesus wants to transform her country, and that transforming the leaders of homes, churches, businesses, and the community is the place to start.

If God is tugging on your heart about the importance of meeting this need for Ugandan brothers and sisters in Christ, invest online at If you want to designate any amount, small or large, toward my travel fund, you will be able to send them my name in response to the email recognizing your investment.

All the details

What: Transforming a Nation to Live, Love, and Lead Like Jesus

Where: Gulu and Lira (Northern Uganda)

Jinja and Iganga (Eastern Uganda)

Kampala and Entebbe (Central Uganda)

When: August 10-27, 2012

Why: Ugandans are asking us to come to train people and churches in Central Africa to lead like Jesus. We are being asked to:

· facilitate Lead Like Jesus training,

· train LLJ facilitators,

· offer next-step leadership training,

· facilitate teen soccer camps & children’s VBS (in cooperation with Stone Kyambadde—video preview:

· minister to young women caught in desperate situations in Uganda

How you can be involved:

1. Pray for our team

· God to be glorified as Jesus is lifted up,

· His Spirit to empower all of us,

· All of us on the team to individually and synergistically live, love and lead like Jesus,

· All of the preparations in Uganda (places to stay, transportation, meeting rooms, meals, invitations, logistics)

· God to transform Africa with the Lead Like Jesus message.

2. Pray for God to provide the resources I need personally

· Financially, to raise $3000 for my expenses,

· Physically, for health, stamina and strength,

· Mentally and spiritually, for clarity, preparation and wisdom.

3. Partner financially

My airfare needs to be purchased as soon as possible to get the best possible rate. $3000 will cover my airfare, food and lodging, transportation in Uganda, and ministry materials.

· Lead Like Jesus is a 501(c)(3) organization.

· LLJ will acknowledge each contribution as a tax-deductible donation.

· You can make multiple or one-time donations in any amount.

· Contributions can be made by mail, online or by phone.

If God is inviting you to financially partner with me, there are several ways for you to invest. Choose the option that works best for you:

· Go to or simply click

From the LLJ homepage, click “Invest Now,” enter the amount you would like to donate, and select “Uganda 2012 Donation.” Once you donate the money, you will immediately receive an email that will allow you to specify my name as the recipient.

· Call Lead Like Jesus @ 800-363-6890, and ask for Mary Tucker.

· Send your check to:

Lead Like Jesus

3506 Professional Circle, Suite B

Augusta, GA 30907

I would love to talk with you more about this exciting opportunity for ministry. I am convinced that God is asking me to be part of this next step in helping Ugandans rebuild their country by learning to lead like Jesus, and I hope you will be part of it, too.

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