Expectations can be a tricky thing. I awoke this morning, expecting to drive from Orlando to New Orleans to take a weeklong seminar in Old Testament studies.

At the end of the day, I am in New Orleans, but instead of driving with a friend and fellow student, I ended up flying, being picked up from the airport by another friend, having dinner with friends at Whole Foods (mostly vegetarian, and tried some new Indian dishes, which was fun), then Starbucks with those friends, and finally checked in to my guest room on campus, only to realize that I forgot to stop and buy contact lens solution. Another seminary friend to the rescue, and I am all set.

Along the way, Facebook friends prayed for me, and another Florida student called to see if I needed to connect with a group of students who were driving from Central Florida. Along the way, too, I had to ask people to pray (easy) and for specific help (like a ride from the airport, not so easy). I had to make my needs known so that others would know how they could support me, and then I humbly and gratefully needed to accept their help as a gift from God (like I’ve had to do in terms of the financial support I’ve needed to be able to return to Uganda).

Instead of spending dedicated time with one friend, at the end of the day, I am newly aware of how connected and supportive the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary family is. I literally would not be here today without the NOBTS community.

I think this is what Paul meant when he said we are to love one another and carry one another’s burdens. I am so grateful for how people reached out to support me, and I’m thanking the Lord for how willingly they reached out to me.

Expectations? I didn’t expect today to go like it did. But the Lord knew what today would hold, and His hand was evident as my day unfolded. I did expect that He had a plan, that none of this surprised Him, and that He would show me step-by-step how to move through the changing circumstances. And He did. What a gift?

Those are the same expectations that I will take with me to Uganda, and I know He will exceed my expectations there, too!

What expectations do you have?

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  1. Posted by Becki Jack on July 23, 2012 at 3:43 am

    Wow, Deb! I had read all your previous blogs and gone back to my journaling to work out some ideas about how I could move forward in my life–one of which is to attend a conference which I am not in a financial position to do but which I need to do very much so at an emotional and social-interaction level. I was offered financial support by the group and was feeling rather squimish about that–I hadn’t realized that there would be such a quick sharing of my situation with others… But my gut instinct was to turn to you for advice because I knew about your recent receipt of funds for your Uganda trip. So…. I came back to my email account to write to you. I didn’t have to, did I? You’d already given me the very advice I needed in this new blog post which you were posting as I was doing my journaling! Thank you. So good to be your sister! Becki


    • I love God’s timing. I wondered why I was taking time away from my seminar preparations to post this–other than my commitment to blogging every day about my journey to Uganda! Love you, too.


  2. Thanks for your expectations even the bible says what the eyes have never seen and ears have never hear and what have never ented in your heart these are the things the Lord has prepared to those who Love Him 1cor 2:9.This time expect alot from uganda which you are goinging to see,hear and think about all the days of your life.
    vincent and stella uganda


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